Letters From Dorothy.

The following extracts are from two letters we received from Sister Dorothy:

12th November 2003
We have invested in much here. Our land situation is becoming more crucial. I think this has to happen so that all will get better. The government has to take a better – firmer stand. Almost each day there is some crisis. But yesterday arrived what is called Cesta Basica, or food basket, for our families in the woods. We will have this 3 times. Not much but even little is wonderful. But we need so much more…
We need you to help bring Peace – Joy – Hope to our greedy world – new way to think, act, that bring together people to share: ideas – hopes –cares – love – compassion.

7th of September 2004, Brazilian Independence day

29 of May – another shoot out. This time where you visited. John Lennon and his wife were in the midst. His brother that lived next door had his home invaded by 6 hooded gunmen. He fled and I got out to Brasilia for help. The landowner is still a threat and these families are with others.

Our forest is being overtaken by others daily. In June we finally got IBAMA (the Brazilian Environment Agency) to stop a big cutting down. Fined the guilty invader – he sold illegally the area and just now about the 21st August another invaded with 54 men and 40 chainsaws. By the time the federal agent IBAMA got there they had cut 1000 hectares. So what can be left of our sustainability project for our 600 families…and the forest!

Your film is of the greatest importance NOW, to bring about awareness. World climate as you know is much affected. Each day brings challenges. You can help others love nature.
##### and ##### are responsible for the sustainability project where you went. Each day they go among the people trying to breath hope helping them organise – reforest making their pottings to plant in the rainy season etc etc; help the people be aware of their great task to love and care for our forest!

How is your course in sustainable living? This is the most urgent study for human survival.
Together we can make a difference bringing peace – joy – caring – love to our world that is losing sight of our Guiding Star, the goodness of the real God.